Setting Up Your Vehicle With Advanced Security Features

So you parked your car out on the street of a sketchy neighbourhood overnight. You come back out the next morning, only to find the windows smashed in and your tyres gone. Well, unfortunately in this day and age, this is an all too common issue for many car owners and drivers. That’s why we want to help you set up that extra security for your car measures beyond airbags and safety belts. As a UK driver, you may know that car theft is a significant problem in the country. In fact, according to data from the Office for National Statistics, there were over 114,000 reported cases of vehicle theft in England and Wales alone in 2020!

Living in an urban area can make you particularly vulnerable to this kind of crime. With cars parked on busy streets and in public car parks, thieves have ample opportunity to target vehicles that aren’t properly secured. Fortunately, there are many advanced security features available today that can help you protect your car and give you greater peace of mind.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most effective security measures available to UK drivers. From car alarms to immobilising devices and GPS tracking systems, we’ll provide expert advice on how to choose the best security for your specific needs. Whether you’re driving a luxury vehicle or a family car, taking steps to boost your vehicle’s security can give you added confidence and protection against theft or vandalism. So buckle up because our experts at Orion Safety Belts have put together a must-have list of security features for your vehicle.

What Is the Best Security System for Cars?

What Is the Best Security System for Cars

The opinion on the best security system for a vehicle changes every day and with every type of vehicle. What works for a car, may not work for a truck or a minivan. That said, we aren’t going to give you just one solution and hope it works out. We will walk you through a whole range of options that you can choose from at your convenience.

#1 The Standard Car Security Alarm

The Standard Car Security Alarm

The humble car security alarm is an underestimated, yet effective piece of security that all vehicles should have. Car alarm systems typically consist of a loudspeaker that emits a high-pitched sound when triggered. Some alarm systems also flash lights to attract more attention. When an unauthorised entry or movement is detected, the system sends a signal to the control unit, which triggers the alarm. Car alarm systems can be wired or wireless and have varying levels of sensitivity. They can also come with additional features such as motion sensors and glass breakage detectors.

#2 GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Car

If the car is stolen, it’s a good idea to have a GPS tracker installed on it. GPS tracking systems use a network of satellites to triangulate the position of your vehicle. Many GPS tracking systems these days come with mobile apps that allow you to track the location of your vehicle in real time on your phone. You can also set custom geofences and alerts, and monitor driver behaviour. GPS trackers also often come with a backup battery and tamper-proof casing.

#3 Immobilisers

Car Immobilisers

Now if you want to prevent your car from being taken without your consent, then an immobiliser may be just the thing for you. Don’t worry, it’s not a taser. An immobiliser is an electronic device that prevents the engine from starting without the use of a special key or fob. The system works by sending a signal to the engine control unit (ECU) to prevent fuel injection or ignition. Immobilisers are often integrated into a car’s factory security system and can also be retrofitted. They are effective in preventing hotwiring and key duplication thefts.

#4 Biometric Systems

Biometric Systems Car

Biometric systems use unique physical traits like fingerprints or facial recognition to identify authorised users and prevent unauthorised access. Biometric systems are particularly useful for high-security vehicles or fleets, where access needs to be restricted only to authorised personnel. Biometric systems may also use iris scans, voice recognition, or DNA analysis. As such, this security feature is highly accurate, and they can be integrated with other security technologies.

#5 Remote-Start Disable Functions

Remote-Start Disable Functions

Some car security systems come with remote-start disable functions that allow you to disable the engine remotely if your car is stolen. This can make it more difficult for thieves to get away with your car. Remote-start disabled functions work by sending a signal from a remote control unit to the engine control unit (ECU) to prevent fuel injection or ignition. This feature is often included in aftermarket security systems.

#6 Dashcams

Car Dashcams

Dashcams are one of the most effective security features for a car in terms of preventing theft and increasing security. They can work as a visible car theft deterrent and provide evidence for the police in case of theft. GPS technology on the dash cam can track the vehicle in real time. Insurance premiums can potentially decrease due to the existence of dashcams. They can stop potential thieves from targeting a car and the footage from the dashcam can help identify the perpetrator and the location of the stolen car. However, in the event of theft or carjacking, the recorded footage can be used as evidence when making claims with your insurance provider.

In addition, certain dash cams come with extra features such as motion detection and parking mode. These features can identify and capture any abnormal activity near the car, increasing safety and giving car owners extra reassurance.

#7 Steering Wheel Locks

Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks are an effective tool in preventing car theft and improving security as they physically prevent the steering wheel from being turned, making it difficult for a thief to drive the car away. This deterrent effect can discourage potential thieves from targeting the car, and the visible presence of a steering wheel lock can act as a signal that the vehicle is well-protected.

Additionally, many steering wheel locks are brightly coloured and come with a warning message, further increasing their deterrent effect. Even if a thief manages to break into the car, the presence of a steering wheel lock makes it much harder for them to steal the car, increasing the likelihood that they will give up and move on to an easier target.

#8 Window Etching

Window Etching

Window etching is a security measure that involves engraving a unique identification number onto the windows of the car. This can help prevent car theft and improve security by making it easier to identify and recover stolen cars. The etched identification number can be registered with the police, making it easier for them to track down the car and return it to the owner in the event of a theft. Additionally, the presence of window etching can act as a car theft deterrent, as thieves are less likely to target a car that has been marked with an identification number.

#9 Smart Keys

Smart Keys

Smart keys are electronic devices that can help prevent car theft and improve security by allowing car owners to remotely lock, unlock, and start their vehicles without using a physical key. This can make it much harder for thieves to break into the car and drive it away. Many smart keys also come with additional security features such as real-time alerts if the car is moved or tampered with. Some smart keys can even be programmed to only allow certain drivers to operate the vehicle, making it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to steal it. Overall, smart keys provide an added layer of protection and convenience, helping to keep car owners and their vehicles safe and secure.

#10 Tire Locks

Car Tire Locks

Tire locks, also known as wheel clamps, can help prevent car theft and improve security by immobilising the vehicle’s wheels. They work by physically locking the car’s wheel, making it impossible to move the car without removing the tire lock. This can act as a strong car theft deterrent, as thieves are less likely to target a car that cannot be easily moved. Additionally, tire locks can prevent unauthorised towing of the vehicle and can be especially useful in situations where the car needs to be parked for an extended period. Overall, tire locks provide an effective and reliable way to protect cars from theft and improve their overall security.

How Can Safety Belts Increase the Security for Your Car?

Typically, when you think of a safety belt in a car, the first thing that comes to mind is how it helps you in the event of a collision. However, did you know that safety belts, especially the kind we install at Orion Safety Belts, can help prevent your car from being stolen? Let’s say that you were stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, and someone tries to open your door and pull you out of the vehicle. In such a scenario, a strong safety belt can help prevent you from being pulled out of your car and potentially dissuade the carjacker.

Luckily, we specialise in outfitting our customers with state-of-the-art safety belts. We also do safety belt repairs, replacements, and re-webbing, as well as providing clients with bespoke service options for their vehicles. If you want to take that step towards a more secure car, contact us today!

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