Specialist seat belt replacement services

If the seat belts in your vehicles are suffering from the signs of wear and tear, or aren’t functioning like they used to, it’s a clear indicator that the internal components may have degraded or stopped working.

In this case, you’ll require a seat belt replacement – because a seat belt that isn’t working to the highest performance could be a risk to someone’s safety.

Why choose Orion for seat belt replacement?

Years of experience

We’ve been in the business of replacing seat belts for over 20 years, so we know exactly what it takes to do it well.

Totally bespoke

Whatever your vehicle or belt requirements, we offer a bespoke service that means we can replace almost anything.

Right first time

Taking time with our craft, we can guarantee absolute quality first time, every time.

How does the process work?

1. Get in touch

Simply contact us via our online form
or give us a call and let us know
your requirements.

2. You send us
your belts

We’ll then quickly get to work assembling your replacement belts.

3. We’ll send your
new belts back.

Your brand new belts will be sent to you in the post, ready to install.

seat belt replacement

High quality components

When it comes to matters of safety, only the highest quality product will do. We source the very best components and assemble them with skill and
attention to detail.

Fast delivery

With a quick and efficient turnaround, we ensure your replacement belts are assembled and posted to you as soon as you need them – no more waiting around
for late deliveries.

Keeping you compliant

Without a properly functioning seat belt, your vehicle is not only rendered unsafe but also illegal.

Our replacement belt service ensures you and your business remain fully compliant with legislation.