We are a specialist seat belt supplier

Choosing the right seat belt is essential to its effectiveness, and therefore to its overall safety. Make sure you choose and fit the right seat belt.

With years of experience supplying a wide range of manufacturers and vehicles, we’re experts in identifying and supplying the correct premium seat belts for our customer’s application.


Why choose Orion for seat belt supplying?

A deep understanding

We know the ins and outs of seat belt fitting, and use this knowledge to ensure a safe and secure fit.

Years of expertise

We’ve been fitting belts for over 20 years, having worked with all kinds of vehicles and manufacturers.

The best performance

Every seat belt we fit does its job, and does it exceptionally well. The quality of our product is second to none.

How does the process work?

1. You get in touch

Just contact us via phone or our online form and tell us what you need.

2. We get to work

We’ll work with you to identify the right seat belts and create a quote that fits your needs

3. You enjoy
the results

You can rest easy knowing you have the right seat belts for your chosen application.

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The right seat belt is much more than just comfort.

It’s about protecting from injury and protecting lives, so we take it seriously. From strong mounting points to the right angled webbing, we make sure every fit is safe and secure for optimal performance.

Safe and secure

A quick turnaround

In order to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, you need a fast and reliable service. We guarantee a quick turnaround with our seat belts, delivering a high quality service that fits around your schedule.

Full compliance

A badly fitted seat belt not only risks a person’s wellbeing, but also your business’s livelihood. With fully certified products and the right attention to detail, we’ll ensure that your vehicles stay fully compliant.