Expert rewebbing services

Here at Orion we offer a full seat belt rewebbing service – so not only will your seat belts look good as new, they’ll guarantee the highest performance.

Are your seat belts fraying, torn, or ripped? It’s common for them to display the effects of wear and tear over time, but it’s crucial that your safety belts are in the best possible condition to ensure that they work properly.

Why choose Orion for seat belt rewebbing?

Any vehicle

From buses to planes to wheelchairs, we’ll re-web belts fitted in the
majority of vehicles.

A bespoke service

Whatever your requirements, we can work towards a solution – no matter how difficult it may seem.

Right first time

We take time and care with our craft, so you can be confident that the finished product is of the best quality.

How does the process work?

1. Send us your belts

Post the seat belts that need rewebbing to us along with your relevant order information.

2. We get to work

Your seat belt will be fitted with new OEM webbing material, ready to function like new.

3. You receive
your order

We’ll ship your brand new belts back to you within a few days.

woman carrying out seatbelt rewebbing

A safety essential

The webbing is essentially the main part of the belt that keeps you and your customers safe. Any rips or tears to the material risk compromising that safety. Rewebbing goes a long way to ensuring better safety protection, and a more long-lasting product.

A cost-effective measure

Rather than replacing the entire seatbelt, this service only calls for the webbing to be repaired, meaning essential cost savings which can be put into other areas of your business.

Remain fully compliant

When it comes to rewebbing, it’s your responsibility to determine whether yours is faulty or damaged – after all, there’s no light or alarm to do the job for you!

It’s also your responsibility to take action, and failure to do so could result in failed safety inspections.