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We’re experts in providing safe, high-performance 3-point seat belts to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

With expert fitting and repair services, we guarantee quality belts that are built to last.

3 point seat belt

What is a 3-point seat belt?

A 3-point belt is the standard type of seat belt found in most cars on the road. A Y-shaped arrangement, it combines both a lap belt and a sash belt to create a 3-point system that covers the chest, pelvis and shoulders.

It generally provides more robust protection compared to that of a lap belt, and it suitable for both front and rear-facing seats.

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High-performance belts from trusted experts

We’re specialists in the manufacture and assembly of 3-point seat belts. Whatever the application and whatever type of vehicle, we tailor each and every belt to suit your requirements, and guarantee its performance and its high levels of safety.

We know compliance is always at the top of your list of priorities. That’s why all of our 3-point seat belts are manufactured according to British and European safety standards, ensuring your vehicle operates within the law and that all passengers will be safe throughout their journey.

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