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For wheelchair users and other individuals who require mobility assistance, safety is a crucial element of their day-to-day, particularly when in transit.

Our range of seat belts and safety systems ensure that whenever you’re transporting someone in a wheelchair, every journey will be protected.

Our services

Our wheelchair seat belts are…

Sturdy yet comfortable

Our belts are made from the most durable, high quality materials, resulting in a finished product that’s strong, supportive and long-lasting.

Made bespoke

Every order is tailored to you, so whatever your requirements, we can meet them.

Easy to install

Naturally simple to install in a wide range of vehicle types, our belts are easy to fit – and our experts can support you if you need help.

Delivered on time

No matter when you need them, we’ll make sure they reach you on time, every time.

Why you should consider Orion Safety Belts for all your safety needs

In line with strict standards

Durable materials and components

Delivering high performance belts

wheelchair seat belts

Safety for wheelchair users and other passengers

Our wheelchair seat belts provide essential positioning and restraint during transit, helping to greatly reduce their risk of injuring the wheelchair user or other passengers. Manufactured and assembled here in the UK, our range of restraint and safety systems use high quality, durable materials designed for performance and longevity.

wheelchair seat belts

Fitting and repairs

It’s important for all wheelchair securing restraints to be fitted properly in order to avoid the wheelchair itself becoming a potential hazard. Our experts have plenty of experience fitting restraints and tie-downs for a variety of wheelchair types, so can either do this for you or provide the relevant support.

You also need to ensure that your belt stays in good condition in order for it to work effectively. We can carry out an extensive range of repair services, ensuring your safety belts and systems can operate at full performance for longer.

Working with Orion Safety Belts couldn’t be easier

1. Get in touch

Simply get in touch online using our quick and easy form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

2. Place your order

We take care of the all the hard work, working with the best team at the highest standards.

3. We deliver

We deliver your safety belts, ready to for them to be fitted in the vehicles of your choice.