What is a Harness?

A harness is in simple terms a piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person, animal, or object. There are literally hundreds of types of harness and reasons to use them each with their own specific set of requirements.

Over many years we have dealt with a plethora of different types of harnesses from Air Ambulance stretchers to Sport, from Height Safety to Baby harnesses.

With years of experience in safety belts and harnesses we are here and ready to help whatever your particular requirement might be.

Young Mother Putting Baby Boy in Harness Car Seat

Durable and long lasting

Our Harnesses are assembled using only the most durable materials, from the webbing to the hardware. This ensures each one is sturdy and safe in the event it is needed.

Whatever type of harness you need, to satisfy whatever application, we can make it. All our harnesses are made bespoke, to suit your individual requirements.

Why you should consider Orion Safety Belts for all your safety needs

In line with strict standards

Durable materials and components

Delivering high performance belts

Working with Orion Safety Belts couldn’t be easier

1. Get in touch

Simply get in touch online using our quick and easy form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

2. Place your order

We take care of the all the hard work, working with the best team at the highest standards.

3. We deliver

We deliver your safety belts, ready to for them to be fitted in the vehicles of your choice.

Safe and Secure

Choosing the right seat belt is very important and you have to consider much more than just comfort.

Whatever type of harness you need, to satisfy whatever application, we can help you identify the best solution. Once we understand your needs we will produce a bespoke harness that is assembled using only the most durable webbing and hardware.