Servicing a wide range of industries

We have years of experience working within a number of industries, delivering highly bespoke seat belts and safety systems for use in many different applications.

Our belts have been used in a range of vehicle types, playing an essential role in improving safety standards across the board.


With great attention to detail, our Aviation experts deliver the whole range of services required to operate an aircraft safely. From high-performing seat belts to timely repairs, we are always available for the industry needs.

Buses & Coaches

Working in strict compliance with quality standards, we produce high-quality seat belts for all types of bus operators. Designed with safety in mind, these seat belts always guarantee you the much needed peace of mind.


Seat belts are an essential part of Forklifts and different types of loading trucks. By producing seat belts that meet quality standards and safety guidelines, we help you operate your vehicles as efficiently as possible.

Go Karts

Having produced top-notch seat belts tailored to meet the exact needs of your go kart and other recreational vehicles, our experts know what it takes to put your safety and experience first.

Motorhomes & Campervans

Our seat belt experts have many years of experience in equipping Motorhomes & Campervans with high-quality safety equipment that stand the test of time and deliver consistently season after season.


We understand the importance of equipping amusement parks with fool-proof safety systems. You can count on our professionals to deploy the best safety equipment for the roller coasters in your theme park.


Safety is of critical importance when you’re transporting someone in a wheelchair. We offer tailor-made seat belts that will ensure the optimum safety for anyone travelling in a wheelchair.


Over the years, we built and delivered a range of flawless seat belts for taxis running in the UK. With a great attention to detail, our seat belts are designed to last and make the travelling experience safer.

Commercial Vehicles

Our team is renowned for delivering custom-made seat belts for various types of commercial vehicles. Irrespective of the type of commercial vehicle you own, our team can equip you with the safest products.


Whether you want to assemble, fit or repair the seat belt of your racing car, our experts are here to help. We’re equipped with years of consistently serving the varying needs of the motorsports industry.

Emergency Services

In times of emergency, you cannot afford to compromise the safety of your services. Having served various industries including, police and fire service, we will ensure your products are performing well in times of emergencies.