9 Things You Should Never Do With Safety Belts

Safety belt is used to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a vehicle collision. But there are some things you should never do with safety belts. Some might seem obvious, but others will surprise you. If you ‘re not careful, these actions could lead to injury. The next time you buckle your seat belt, make sure you’re doing it right. Of course, some might seem obvious, but others will surprise you! Now if you’ll please buckle up, we’ll explore the 9 things you should never do with safety belts. 

1. Unbuckling your safety belt before reaching your destination

unbuckling seat belt safely

Now this may seem obvious, but it’s still a problem in many vehicles. The moment you begin your journey is when your safety belt should be buckled. This is to keep you safe in case of collision or rapid stops. If you unbuckle yourself, there’s no guarantee that you ‘ll have time to buckle up again before an accident happens. This is absolutely essential as your vehicle might be subject to sudden and unexpected stops. With that said if you have to get out of your vehicle, be sure that you’re only unbuckling yourself once it comes to a complete stop.

2. Wearing your safety belt under your arm

woman wearing her seat belt

The idea behind wearing a safety belt is to have something that can prevent you from flying through the windshield during a collision. If you wear your safety belt under your arm, the force of collision will cause it to tighten against your chest and lead to serious injuries such as broken ribs or internal bleeding. Your goal is to have the seatbelt take the impact, not absorb it from you. This could quite easily be the difference between walking away unharmed and being rushed to the emergency room.

3. Allowing children to play with safety belts

children putting on safety belts

Children can find themselves in a lot of trouble when they get their hands on seat belts. They might drag them, sit on them, or tug at them until the belt is no longer usable. Remember, when you’re driving, you need to focus on the road ahead. Your child is not your co-pilot. If you do allow a child to be in your vehicle, make sure they understand that belts and seats are not toys. Of course, they’re not toys, and you should never let your children play with them. If they tug at the belts or mess with the seats, then stop your car as soon as possible and make sure that they don’t do it again.

4. Wearing a safety belt that’s too tight or too loose


finding out if a seat belt is too tight or too loose

Tight safety belts can actually be dangerous. If you wear a belt that’s too tight, it could lead to serious breathing problems or cause internal injuries from being too tight around your stomach or chest. Every time you get in the vehicle, have a quick check on your seatbelt and adjust if necessary. Of course, you don’t want a belt that’s too loose either. A belt that’s not tight enough can easily come undone during a collision, which could lead to serious injuries. So remember, when you’re wearing your safety belt, it should be firm but not uncomfortable.

5. Put something between you and the safety belt

Children wearing seat belts

Anything you have sitting on your lap can become a projectile during a collision. This includes items you put there to pad the belt, such as pillows. These are not meant to absorb impact, so don’t use them for this purpose because they could seriously injure someone in the event of an accident. Instead, keep these items in the trunk or in the backseat where they can’t interfere with your safety belt’s movement. If at all possible, avoid having any items on your lap as they could easily injure you or those sitting next to you during a collision.

6. Letting someone else buckle your safety belt for you

woman putting on seat belt on her own

Your seatbelt has been fastened to your specific body measurements. For example, if someone else buckles it too tight or too loose, then it’s no longer suited for you and could render its primary purpose useless because the belt won’t be able to protect you as well as it should. This is why parents need to buckle their children’s seatbelts, but the buckling should be done by the child’s hips or shoulders, not their stomachs. Never let someone else buckle you into your seatbelt, and always carefully adjust the belt so it fits properly.

7. Use your safety belt as a means of carrying objects

girl putting on her bus seat belt

Safety belts are great for protecting yourself from injury, but they should never be used as a way to carry around heavy objects. For example, if you have something large and heavy on your lap or in your hands, don’t let it put pressure against the belt. It could lead to serious injuries during a collision. This includes putting heavy items between yourself and the belt . For example , if you’re carrying a laptop and resting it on your stomach, then the weight of the laptop will press against your stomach when you’re in an accident, which could cause internal injuries. On the other hand, you also don’t want something to be too far away from the belt .

8.Trying to guess your seat belt’s effectiveness

Seat belt repairer checking a vehicle's seat belt

Before you even start the engine, make sure that your safety belt is properly fastened and adjusted. The last thing you want to do is buckle up just as you’re about to leave, only for it to be too loose around your waist or chest. If you’re not sure how to adjust your belt, then look for instructions in your owner’s manual. If that’s too confusing, then just ask the person who put it there, or anyone else who can do it for you. You could seriously injure yourself by guessing that a safety belt is fastened correctly.

9. Failing to wear a seatbelt in the rear seat

putting on a seat belt effectively

There are a lot of people who wear seatbelts only in the front seat while forgoing them in the backseat. You should know that you’re not safe just because you’re sitting in the backseat. In fact, it’s completely legal for a police officer to ticket you if they see that your safety belt is not being worn when you’re in the backseat. A large number of serious and fatal injuries could be prevented if people simply used their safety belts properly, regardless of whether they’re sitting in the front or back seat of the car.

Although it may seem like common sense, these are still some things that people do with their safety belts which can seriously injure them in the event of a collision. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of what not to do when wearing your belt. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll ensure that you and those around you are as safe as possible in the event of an accident.

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